What is a Domain

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in this article, I will try to explain you about “what is a domain”

The domain is also called a Client/Server architecture because all computers in the domain can share resources with the help of severe.

    • There is at least one DC (Domain Controller) in each Domain, which is responsible for the centralized management and centralized security.
    • Each domain must have a Centralized Database for each computer.
    • Each user must have a user account in DC which is saved in this centralized database.
  • In a domain environment, we can create a very large network e.g. thousands of computers in One Network.

What is a Domain

in the above diagram, you can see

    1. A server with 2016 Server OS,
    1. A Cisco Switch
    1. 3 Pcs with Win 10
  1. and One Centralized Database.

As I said above each PC is having its database in the centralized location i.e. on the Server.

    • the user account of A is been created in Server
    • the user account of B is been created in Server
  • the user account of C is been created in Server

Here My Question is “Can user B is able to login via PC A

The Answer is “Yes“.

This is the Beauty of Domain Environment, my friends,

any user can login via any computer in the server until unless we apply restrictions.

Above is the best and simple definition of a Domain Network,

So Dear Friends, I hope this can help you to get the basic idea of What is a Domain?

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Network Networking and ARPANET

Network, Networking, and ARPANET

Dear Friends in this post I will tell you the concept of Network and Networking and the origin of ARPANET which is the first network of the word and was invented by DOD (Department of Defense) in the USA.I will tell you in detail about the structure of Network and what actually Networking is?

So let’s start

The Network is a “collection of network resources connected in a preferred manner”

in above definition what are the network resources and what is the meaning of preferred manner that I will tell you now!

Dear friends network resources mean: Data, Hardware, Software, Cables, and Licences etc and preferred manner is TOPOLOGY, Yeh! which I am going to explain in my next post deeply.

now try to make an image of a network by above definition….Loading…

Did you get something like below

Network Networking and ARPANET

Yes, you are right!

this image Contains A Network and Network Resources.

Now what is Networking

it is very simple

“Sharing of Network Resources in a Network is known as Networking”

did you focus on my word “Sharing” in above definition, yes my friend this is the only difference between Network and Networking, so in Networking we can share almost everything …. remember this!

Now Let’s jump to the ARPANET

this describes the History of Computer Network, it is the first network in the world which is used by DOD in the US, for the exact definition of the ARPANET  you have to remember 5 words

[1969,USA,DOD,ARPA Agency]

let’s connect all word together

“In 1969, Arpa Agency in Department of Defense of USA has made network called ARPANET”

you can elaborate the definition up to any no. of words but the concept is only this.

Structure of ARPANET

in this network, they used Main Frame Computer (MFC) and Modem as network resources only to Build the network, but-but-but one very important thing I can not forget to tell you, is the Protocol, they used IMP protocol to communicate between MFC’s, got it nah! see the below structure for the structure of the first network of the word.

Network Networking and ARPANET

Services Offered by ARPANET

ARPANET was able to serve two services in the beginning

1.Remote Computing


2.File Transfer

Remote Computing was performed by Telnet Protocol, and File Transfer was performed by TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol).

to know more about Telnet and TFTP protocol Click Here…

So Dear Friends, I hope this can help you to get the basic idea of Network, Networking, and ARPANET

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How to Know the Password of Connected Wifi

How to Know the Password of Connected Wifi

Importance and Need for Wifi

This article will help how to know the password of connected wifi on Laptop to use this password on your other devices like mobile phone and tablet, in today’s culture, the internet has become a necessity to stay connected all times, Whether it is on our laptops, tablets, phones or even our watches. In fact, most people want to have immediate access right at their fingertips for business needs.

The Internet has become a necessity to stay connected all times, Whether it is on our laptops, tablets, phones or even our watches. In fact, most people want to have immediate access right at their fingertips for business needs.

In the past, we were dependent on cellular data for the internet on the go, but now there are free Wi-Fi networks available to fulfill our need in the public areas too in fact almost all retailers and Malls offering free Wi-Fi to their customers.How to Know the Password of Connected Wifi


Steps for How to know the Password of Connected wifi on Your Laptop

Now the point is if we cannot connect to wifi which we are using on our laptop and want to connect our phone obviously it develops a feeling of frustration for People of all ages.

To Know the password of connected wifi you have to run only two small commands on your laptop below are the steps you have to follow

step 1. open command prompt with Administrative rights

How to Know the Password of Connected Wifi



cmd with admin rights

step 2: Now to know the SSID’s of connected wifi run below command

“netsh wlan show profile”


How to Know the Password of Connected Wifi

Step 3: Mark the desired name of wifi Network, your lappy is connected with and paste into inverted commands as per below command and complete the command like below

                                        “netsh wlan show profile “Digitalpaanda” key=clear”

Result of above command will show the password of connected wifi

How to Know the Password of Connected Wifi


in the Key Content field, you can see the password of connected wifi!


Basic Terms in MCSE

Basic Terms in MCSE


Welcome to Blog Radix India Tech, this article is especially for those who want to understand the concept deeply for a better understanding of MCSE Course.from interview point of view these are very important Please keep below concepts in mind while studying MCSE Course.

  1. Host
  2. Workstation
  3. Client
  4. Partition and File System
  5. Registry
  6. Virtual Memory
  7. Anonymous FTP
  8. Bad Sectors
  9. Printer Pooling
  10. Now I will explain each one by one


Any machine that is having an IP address is known as Host.

e.g. Network Printer, Network PC, Network Scanner, Server, Router Switch, Bridge, Firewall etc.


Any Computer connected to the Network is known as a workstation.It may be a Client machine or a Server Machine.


A client is a piece of computer hardware or software that accesses a service made available by a server.

e.g. Printer, Fax, Scanner, Plotter PC, etc.

Basic Terms in MCSE

4.Partition and File System

The Process of dividing the space on HD into multiple areas is called Partition so that an operating system can manage information in each region separately.Each partition then appears in the operating system as a “logical” disk that uses part of the actual disk.

Basic Terms in MCSE

File System

is used to control how data is stored and retrieved in HD. It is the way the files are organized on the hard disk.

After Creating partition we need to format it with any one of the file systems

A. FAT32
Below are the Properties of FAT32
Dual Boot,
Network OS installation,
Volume Size=512 MB to 32 GB,
File Size= 232
1 bytes(4 GB 1)

Below are the Properties of NTFS
File and folder level security,
Disk Compression,
Disk Quota,
File Encryption,
Volume size= 10 MB to 2 ^ 64 clusters – 1,
File Size=2^64-1


The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores low-level settings for the Microsoft Windows operating system, system hardware, installed programs and settings, and profiles of each of the user account on your computer and for applications that opt to use the Registry. The kernel, device drivers, services, Security Accounts Manager (SAM), and user interface all use the Registry.

Prior to the Windows Registry.INI files stored each program’s settings as a text file, often located in a shared location, Registry contains two basic elements:

  • keys
  • values.

Keys must have a case-sensitive name without backslashes,  Keys may contain values or further keys.

values are non-container objects similar to files .all Registry keys may be restricted by access control lists (ACLs)


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = local machine-specific configuration

HKEY_CURRENT_USER = user-specific configuration data

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHIN= stores settings that are specific to the local computer

HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG = information gathered at runtime; information stored in this key is not permanently stored on disk but rather regenerated at boot time.

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT = information about registered applications

HKEY_USERS = sub keys corresponding to the

HKEY_CURRENT_USER =only loaded for currently logged-in users.

 6.Virtual Memory

When RAM is inadequate then Virtual memory starts working, it nothing but the temporary repository of Application data to Hard Disk.

OS moves app data from RAM to disk storage only because there is no sufficient RAM to process threads of data

The process of moving app data to disk storage and bringing it bring back is known as paging or swapping.

the temporary storage space on the hard disk is called a page file or a swap file.

Swapping, which happens so quickly is carried out by the computer’s memory management unit (MMU).MMU uses several algorithms to choose which page should be swapped out first.

7.Anonymous FTP

anonymous FTP is a method for giving users access to files so that they don’t need to identify themselves to the server to view or download files that are publicly available.

e.g. user ID =anonymous

8.Bad Sectors

A bad sector is a sector on a computer’s disk drive or flash memory that is either inaccessible due to permanent damage. The sector won’t respond to read or write requests. Bad sectors are usually detected by a disk utility software such as CHKDSK or SCANDISK on Microsoft systems.

9.Printer Pooling

All printers in the pool must be the same model and same manufacturer.  In case the manufacturers or model of the printers differ, the printer pool cannot be created.

Printer ports can be of the same type or mixed (parallel, serial, and network).

It is recommended that all printers be in one location.

Windows 2012 and Windows 2016 server places no limit on the number of printers in a pool.

e.g. if there are 3 printers configured to form a printer pool then first printing task will be sent to the first printer, second task will be sent to the second printer, the third printing task will be sent to the third printer, and the fourth printing task will be sent to the first printer again, and so on.

Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) is an Internet protocol for communication between a print server and its clients.

Increase Your Laptop And Internet Speed

Increase Your Laptop And Internet Speed

Welcome to Blog Radix India Tech, this article is especially for those who want to Increase Laptop Internet Speed, after doing below settings you will see remarkable changes in your laptop and internet speed, Please follow below steps to speed up your Laptop and internet speed

For Window 7 and Windows 10

Step 1. Go to Control Panelsystem and securitysystemAdvancedSettingsClick on ChangeSelect C: DriveUncheck Automatically Manage Paging File…Now set values as per my screen you can change if you know what are u doing, initial size=1339and Max size=2678Click on SetOk

Increase Your Laptop And Internet Speed


Step 2. Go to system ProtectionTabClick on ConfigureDrag Disk Space Usage to 2%Ok 


Increase Your Laptop And Internet Speed

Step 3. Restart Your Laptop and you are Optimized Now.

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Confuse in Choosing Between Microsoft and Cisco

Confuse in Choosing Between Microsoft and Cisco

Dear Friends most of the freshers would have asked this question to me before joining Our Online IT Training Programs, so I decided to write on this also, It is very Common Question Students and even Working Professionals ask during Our Online IT Training Programs, Our Counseling Sessions and during or Demo class.Here is the clear-cut answer.

It depends on your Choice, right! and your profile whether you are one of below.


  1. A student or A Fresher 
  2. A working Professional with 1 to 2-years experience 
  3. A working Professional with 2 to 3-years experience


Let me explain one by one…


1.A Student or A Fresher

If you are a student or a fresher and you want to start a new career in IT then you have to check your area of interest whether you have interest in the Black Screen (Networking) or in visual screen means (Windows).If the black screen is your cup of tea and you enjoy writing commands, then you are a person of networking then go for Cisco from entry-level exam e.g. CCNA then CCNP and CCIE, to start you can join Our Online CCNA Training program.

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2.A working Professional with 1 to 2-year experience

You are already working somewhere in IT for 1-2 years, and still, you can not decide where to go, so just

make a list of all technologies you are working on, Then check your expertise, whether it is in windows and networking and you are done.


3.A working Professional with 2 to 3-year experience

There is no confusion in this category because you already know what you want to do, So My dear friend to Improve your Career, Salary and Job Security I suggest you go for your Global Certifications or just upgrade your existing Certificate

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