Confuse in Choosing Between Microsoft and Cisco


Confuse in Choosing Between Microsoft and Cisco

Dear Friends most of the freshers would have asked this question to me before joining Our Online IT Training Programs, so I decided to write on this also, It is very Common Question Students and even Working Professionals ask during Our Online IT Training Programs, Our Counseling Sessions and during or Demo class.Here is the clear-cut answer.

It depends on your Choice, right! and your profile whether you are one of below.


  1. A student or A Fresher 
  2. A working Professional with 1 to 2-years experience 
  3. A working Professional with 2 to 3-years experience


Let me explain one by one…


1.A Student or A Fresher

If you are a student or a fresher and you want to start a new career in IT then you have to check your area of interest whether you have interest in the Black Screen (Networking) or in visual screen means (Windows).If the black screen is your cup of tea and you enjoy writing commands, then you are a person of networking then go for Cisco from entry-level exam e.g. CCNA then CCNP and CCIE, to start you can join Our Online CCNA Training program.

If visual screen entertains you then windows is the best output source for you, hence you must go for Microsoft entry-level exam e.g. MCSA then MCSE, to start you can join our Online MCSE Training Program.


2.A working Professional with 1 to 2-year experience

You are already working somewhere in IT for 1-2 years, and still, you can not decide where to go, so just

make a list of all technologies you are working on, Then check your expertise, whether it is in windows and networking and you are done.


3.A working Professional with 2 to 3-year experience

There is no confusion in this category because you already know what you want to do, So My dear friend to Improve your Career, Salary and Job Security I suggest you go for your Global Certifications or just upgrade your existing Certificate

your Knowledge set can only fulfill your dreams so get up to acquire new Senior level Position and join Our Online MCSE or Online CCNA Course.

In the last I want to tell you one thing, our trainers are the best in MCSE and CCNA training

you can check how they claim to be the best in this industry?


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