Network, Networking, Arpanet


Network, Networking, and ARPANET

Dear Friends in this post I will tell you the concept of Network and Networking and the origin of ARPANET which is the first network of the word and was invented by DOD (Department of Defense) in the USA.I will tell you in detail about the structure of Network and what actually Networking is?

So let’s start

The Network is a “collection of network resources connected in a preferred manner”

in above definition what are the network resources and what is the meaning of preferred manner that I will tell you now!

Dear friends network resources mean: Data, Hardware, Software, Cables, and Licences etc and preferred manner is TOPOLOGY, Yeh! which I am going to explain in my next post deeply.

now try to make an image of a network by above definition….Loading…

Did you get something like below

Network Networking and ARPANET

Yes, you are right!

this image Contains A Network and Network Resources.

Now what is Networking

it is very simple

“Sharing of Network Resources in a Network is known as Networking”

did you focus on my word “Sharing” in above definition, yes my friend this is the only difference between Network and Networking, so in Networking we can share almost everything …. remember this!

Now Let’s jump to the ARPANET

this describes the History of Computer Network, it is the first network in the world which is used by DOD in the US, for the exact definition of the ARPANET  you have to remember 5 words

[1969,USA,DOD,ARPA Agency]

let’s connect all word together

“In 1969, Arpa Agency in Department of Defense of USA has made network called ARPANET”

you can elaborate the definition up to any no. of words but the concept is only this.

Structure of ARPANET

in this network, they used Main Frame Computer (MFC) and Modem as network resources only to Build the network, but-but-but one very important thing I can not forget to tell you, is the Protocol, they used IMP protocol to communicate between MFC’s, got it nah! see the below structure for the structure of the first network of the word.

Network Networking and ARPANET

Services Offered by ARPANET

ARPANET was able to serve two services in the beginning

1.Remote Computing


2.File Transfer

Remote Computing was performed by Telnet Protocol, and File Transfer was performed by TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol).

to know more about Telnet and TFTP protocol Click Here…

So Dear Friends, I hope this can help you to get the basic idea of Network, Networking, and ARPANET

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