What is Domain


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in this article, I will try to explain you about “what is a domain”

The domain is also called a Client/Server architecture because all computers in the domain can share resources with the help of severe.

    • There is at least one DC (Domain Controller) in each Domain, which is responsible for the centralized management and centralized security.
    • Each domain must have a Centralized Database for each computer.
    • Each user must have a user account in DC which is saved in this centralized database.
  • In a domain environment, we can create a very large network e.g. thousands of computers in One Network.

What is a Domain

in the above diagram, you can see

    1. A server with 2016 Server OS,
    1. A Cisco Switch
    1. 3 Pcs with Win 10
  1. and One Centralized Database.

As I said above each PC is having its database in the centralized location i.e. on the Server.

    • the user account of A is been created in Server
    • the user account of B is been created in Server
  • the user account of C is been created in Server

Here My Question is “Can user B is able to login via PC A

The Answer is “Yes“.

This is the Beauty of Domain Environment, my friends,

any user can login via any computer in the server until unless we apply restrictions.

Above is the best and simple definition of a Domain Network,

So Dear Friends, I hope this can help you to get the basic idea of What is a Domain?

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